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Sep 01

August is the month when the summer is gradually turning into autumn, when the burning desire is still in everyone's heart. Welcome to August of the great holidays with proud and love. Especially, August is also the bustling back, happy laughter of students in the classroom, yard...

Aug 25

The famous Russian scholar Xukhomlinski once said: "Man is born not to disappear like an unknown grain of sand. They were born to be imprinted on the ground, imprinted in the hearts of others." Over the past four years, under the roof of Haiphong Private University, 17th - course students have been keeping their memories of the youth in classrooms, benches, trees, friends and teachers.

Aug 11

Implementing the university year plan, the 2017 volunteer program, the 2017 Summer Student Volunteer Campaign officially closed. On 02/2/2017 HPU volunteers has cleaned up the baggage and returned to university to prepare for study work in the new school year.

Aug 04

Having excellently passed the selection round with many competition among the students of Hai Phong, 4 Hai Phong Private University students: To Huy Hoang (QTC702), Luu Thi Hue (MT1501), Nguyen Viet Hung (CT1401) and Nguyen Vinh Cuong (QT1601K) were honored to represent city students participating in Incheon Global Youth Camp 2014.

Jul 21

Summer, the examinations season, the collection of learning results season of students after months of hard study. Students from Haiphong Private University - Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, English Language, Corporate Governance, Banking and Finance, Accounting Auditors on the first days of July boldly and eagerly defended their graduation thesis projects and have been anxiously waiting...

Jul 14

Having had strenuous, hard childhood, the Teacher - the Talent Education Manager of Portland has still concerned in his mind: What can be done for poor students? What to do to make future dreams for the young generation in Vietnam? This reflection has followed the Rector of Hai Phong Private University Prof. Tran Huu Nghi’s "cultivate people" career.

Jun 30

Implementing the Haiphong Emulation group of universities and colleges’ work plan, Haiphong Private University sports delegation with 15 athletes and coaches are lecturers, staffs from faculties, departments, took part in the Badminton - Table Tennis Tournament, at Do Son Economics and Food Technology College multi-purpose Hall.

Jun 28

On May 18th, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hai Phong Private University held the 7th Congress to evaluate the results of implementing the sixth Congress of the Youth Union Congress, term 2015 - 2017; Defining the objectives, tasks and solutions for the Youth Union and Youth Movement 2017 - 2019; Suggesting on the draft documents of upper level delegations Congress and the delegation to attend...

Jun 16

Organizers of the HPU Mark contest will introduce readers the HPU Volunteer , 20 – year - journey clip of HPUERS TEAM.

Jun 09

Excitedly to join ... Devotedly to think of the entries ... Eagerly to submit test ... Tension to racing score ... Hopefully to wait for results ... Cheerfully to enjoy victory…

Jun 02

On the evening of April 14, 2016 at the of Hai Phong Medicine and Pharmacy University Great Hall, the final contest was held and awarded the First Student Leadership Contest organized by City Students Union.

May 19

"Special character" whose first appearance impressesed teachers and students throughout the University by its shape, color and function. That's the DDT-HPU super fuel economy sedan designed and built by DC1701 students.

May 09

Welcome to Vietnamese Book Day (21/4) and World Book and Copyright Day 23/4, on 16 and 17/4/2017, Library of Haiphong Private University joined the exchange program The "Land Port Book" at the General Science Library of Hai Phong City.

Mar 27

Only three days after the official reception, there were 09 entries (08 photos and one video clip) submitted to the organizers. This is an exciting start to the "HPU Mark" competition, which is part of activities that towards the 20th anniversary of Hai Phong Private University establishment

Mar 20

Six-month earlier graduation with high achievers score and protection points, they are the proud achievement of five early graduated students of Hai Phong Private University this year: Dang Thu Ha - QT1701K, Bui Thi Thanh Huong - QT1701K, Le Thi Thuy - QT1702K, Do Minh Vuong - QT1701N, Ngo Van Toan - CT1701.

Aug 18

On June 14, 2016, Environment Science Department and the Youth Union of Haiphong Private University supported the Global Environment Day at Do Son beach.

Aug 15

In these days, we can meet many volunteer youth from universities, college in the program “Volunteer summer” in all countrysides of Haiphong city. On July 08, 2016, youth volunteer of HPU started the journey and it was the time Haiphong youth took part in building the new rural plan.

Aug 15

In order to seek a direct opportunity to visit and learn from a real working environment, Public and International Relation Department and Regina Miracle International Vietnam organize a visit and interview for the fourth year stucents on July 06, 2006.

Dec 04

On the 22nd November 2013 at the Conference Room (F301), new graduates belonging to the course the 13th and the 14th mainly from business administration, foreign languages and culture and tourism were honorly received their academic degrees.

Dec 02

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) offers talented prospective students the unique opportunity to pursue a degree in a selection of Master’s programmes at VU University. VU University has committed to providing approximately 1 million euro towards attracting highly motivated, excellent students.
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