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An interview with the HPU’s student who had got 2 international certificates at the same time(10/08/2012)

I met Nguyen Danh Phuong a few days after he was awarded a prize for getting high score in the TOEIC test organized by IIG at the university.
“Microsoft Office World Champion 2012” contest
Hi, you’ve been known as the one who had got 2 international certificates of “Microsoft Office World Champion 2012” and TOEIC test. How did you know about those two contests?
Student Nguyen Danh Phuong
I know about the two competitions through my lecturers and HPU’s website. After one HPU’s student got the absolute score 1000/1000 at “Microsoft Office World Champion 2011”, this year my university hosted the contest of Haiphong area and widely advertised it. The competition had been launched in the whole university to select the best for HPU’s team. Our team was provided a lot of useful materials along with sample tests to help us familiarize with the test and have a test-taking strategy.
How did you practise for the competitions? Could you share your experiences?
After being selected for the university’s team competing in the“Microsoft Office World Champion 2012”, I had practised 4 weeks under the whole-hearted instruction from the lectures of IT Faculty. For the TOEIC test, my score is the result of a long accumulating process. I spent time to learn English everyday, even just 30 minutes. For me I think books are one of the best assistant in learning English. I often consult some books as “The official guide to the TOEIC test (ETS)”, “Barron’s TOEIC test”, “Longman preparation series for the TOEIC test”. Besides, watching films and reading newspapers in English also help me improving my language skill. One interesting tip that I’ve found is that articles in “The New York Times” are often put in the Toeic exam.
Interesting and useful experiences. So how do you feel after participating in those competitions and get high scores? Would you like to say something with your university mates?
Those are good chance for me to test my knowledge and get internationally recognized certificates, which help me much in my studying process, be the plus for my future CV when applying for a job and help me standing out from other candidates. I’d like to say to the others that “Our university is striving to create the best conditions to help us obtain high job advantages by strengthen our foreign languages, IT and other skills. So you should actively participate in these competitions, for what you could obtain are great. That’s not only certificates but also the confidence and the chance for you to show your own value.
The final question, have you got any plan for the future with your obtained achievements?
At first, as a student, I will try my best to study and get high academic results, as well as practise for the “Microsoft Office World Champion 2013”. 
Thank you for your answers. Wish you good study and always be confident in the life.
Source: Phuong Mai

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