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Green HPU - 2017 Back to Uni(01/09/2017)

August is the month when the summer is gradually turning into autumn, when the burning desire is still in everyone's heart. Welcome to August of the great holidays with proud and love. Especially, August is also the bustling back, happy laughter of students in the classroom, yard...

Haiphong Private University always wishes to bring joy, enthusiasm and passion in learning for each student. One of the annually activities organized by the university to welcome students back to study after the summer vacation is the program "HPU - Back to Uni".

From the 2015 – HPU Back to Uni to the present, taking pleasure and excitement for the new school year of students as the original, the program of each year have been a topic with unique highlights. If Back to uni 2015 is "HPU Guninness", Back to uni 2016 is "Sea Dance", Back to Uni 2017 is highlighted with the theme "Green HPU". This is also the program to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the School with many innovations in the program, from decoration to program organization.

Every year, the program was scattered at the time of play on the first day the students return to school. This year also on the first day of school (14/08/2017), the program was held in a lesson filled with emotions sublimated and full of laughter.

The opening ceremony was to welcome the students back to school with the spirit of sport very cheerful, healthy aerobic dance performance by Team 1 - Business management department. The performance won the First Prize at the "HPU 2017 Dance Festival".

Then there was the cheerful greeting of the new year of Prof. Rector Tran Huu Nghi.

Prof. Rector Tran Huu Nghi welcomed the new school year

Balloons dropping from HaiPhong Private University’s teachers and students with joy and hope for a successful school year that represented the HPU green, youth, for the generations’ hope, for the vitality of the HPU that has flown to the blue sky.

Together with the laughter of the teachers and students was the contribution of the HPU Gold Songs. Here we look at the shining image of vocals that have been with HPU for many years.



The "Back to Uni" program is designed to engage and inspire all HPU students. Therefore, this year's program has received a lot of feedback from students, especially in the lottery.

With many attractive gifts from the Organizing Committee, such as: First prize: a 20 year anniversary dress, 100,000 VND cash and a free tea voucher; 15 Consolation Prizes: Each prize is a free milk tea voucher. The simple rules, just when bringing the student card to the registration table you have the opportunity to receive such attractive gifts. The organizers of the program has received a lot of votes to attend. 



Besides bringing cheerful to enjoy good food for students, the teamwork and matchmaking of the organizing committee members, brought laughter to cheerful teachers and the HPU students through 8 turns "Who suck the fastest" and 3 teams play "Which sack is the faster".







The Flasmob dance "Wake Up and Go" by the dance team of the School - the award of the first prize "Festival of youth dance groups" organized by HaiPhong City Youth Union - closed the impressive chapter Back to Uni 2017.

In order to have such joyous moments, the organizers as well as students accompanying the program for more than a month have done a wonderful job of building a romantic HPU campus. Each chute, wind chime, flag raised to each door, classroom, corridor, and the whole of the HPU field, contained the enthusiasm and hope for a successful school year. Hope that, the little flame, enthusiasm to all the students, to spread more, burning the spirit of learning, training hard for future's career.




On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the University, wish you a successful new school year and greater development.


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