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HPU 2017 Graduation Season - Unfogetable Memories(25/08/2017)

The famous Russian scholar Xukhomlinski once said: "Man is born not to disappear like an unknown grain of sand. They were born to be imprinted on the ground, imprinted in the hearts of others." Over the past four years, under the roof of Haiphong Private University, 17th - course students have been keeping their memories of the youth in classrooms, benches, trees, friends and teachers.

On August 5, 2017, the formal graduation ceremony, marked a special moment in the students’ life. They have officially become engineers, bachelors along with them the promise of determination to train, cultivate morality, constantly improve their knowledge to devote to the country and to honor Haiphong Private University

With the teachers’ attention and teaching and the motivation to study properly, striving hard for tomorrow's creative, active, creative, 17th-course students of Haiphong Private University have gained many achievements in learning and training. They are typical faces such as student Vu Thi Thanh Dung - president QT1702K, Vice President of Students Association - an active member in movement activities, 3 consecutive years have won the title 5 Good Student University level, received the Central Youth Union merit, Central Association. Doan Thi Hanh, Pham Thi Phuong Huyen (VH1701), students who overcome difficulties in study, active in union work, was awarded many certificates of the Youth Union merit. It was the Secretary of the Union of Electrical and Electronics Faculty, Nguyen Ngoc Long (DC 1701), an active member of the Union Youth Union.

And many, many other outstanding, dynamic students love scientific research. They are the students mark the milestone 20 years in the history of building and development of HPU, as Professor - Rector Tran Huu Nghi has emphasized: "Students graduate this year in time HPU marks the 20th anniversary of founding. It is fortunate that they witnessed HPU's steady growth. This pride is the work of the whole school, including the small contribution of yourselves. The alumni of the previous courses and your own success on the path of career have been contributing Haiphong Private University trademark growing stronger ... ".

Rector Tran Huu Nghi instructed the new bachelors, engineers

Vu Thi Thanh Dung - QT1702K - the academic year 2013 – 2017 excellent graduated 

Students with Excellence results

Good graduation students

Students with Excellence results

Students with achievements in scientific research

Graduation for students today is a record of their maturity. For future, in the factories, agencies, businesses ... will have more engineers and bachelors in the team more than 20. 000 engineers, bachelors trained by Haiphong Private University. That is really the pride of the school, teachers, their families and the whole society.

Every farewell is always full of unforgettable emotionsg. Goodbye lecturers, teachers, friends have been sticking for more than four years, Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Dung (QT1701K) moved to express: "Thank the teachers very much. With me, I am always proud to be a student of the University. I love HPU and am always proud of it ...! "

Flowers thank from representatives of the new engineers, bachelors to teachers and university

Doan Thi Hanh (VH1701) could not hide her emotions as she remembered her passing: "Student life away from home with anxiety made me think of giving up my learning. Thanks to the teachers’ concerned, encourage, I have the same results as today ... "

And saxophone on the music of the song "Nguoc dong Huong Giang" by new graduated Le Quang Duy (D1701) has said the love of many new K17 engineers, bachelor with teachers and university.

New graduated Le Quang Duy (D1701) with saxophone

New engineers, bachelors taking pictures with family, teachers and friends

Hope that beloved Haiphong Private University with beautiful memories will be in your heart. HPU will always follow and be proud of you!

Wish  you good starts in the future!


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