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Haiphong Private University Students in bustling graduation protecting sessions(21/07/2017)

Summer, the examinations season, the collection of learning results season of students after months of hard study. Students from Haiphong Private University - Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, English Language, Corporate Governance, Banking and Finance, Accounting Auditors on the first days of July boldly and eagerly defended their graduation thesis projects and have been anxiously waiting for results.

Professor - Principal Tran Huu Nghi’s advise to the students at the graduation protection sessions

Common note at the graduation protection sessions is the very serious and active atmosphere of the graduation marking council as well as the students. Students focused their time and effort, studied hard, actively researched with the spirit of progress, confidently protected the project before the Council. They received many positive comments from the guide, review and mark graduation lecturers. The guide, review and mark graduation lecturers have enthusiastically instructed students the in appropriate problems in the thesis, how to solve those problems effectively ... They also share the summarized professional experience in the process of teaching and in practice, reality. These are the lessons help students understand more about their field of study, to avoid joint articulation when graduating to work.

Here are some featured photos.

Students focus on listening to teachers’ thoughtful notes

Vu Thi Thanh Dung - QT1702K representing students expressed determination to protect the good graduation

Students’ self-confident graduation defence before the Faculty Council

Students of the Faculty of Business Administration

Students of Faculty of Information Technology 


Students focus on friend’s protecting


Students attentively listen to the Council's comments


Graduation thesis protecting are meaningful practical gifts  students dedicated to teachers and university  on the occasion of the 20th university establishment anniversary on September 24th.


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