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The famous Captain of Haiphong(14/07/2017)

Having had strenuous, hard childhood, the Teacher - the Talent Education Manager of Portland has still concerned in his mind: What can be done for poor students? What to do to make future dreams for the young generation in Vietnam? This reflection has followed the Rector of Hai Phong Private University Prof. Tran Huu Nghi’s "cultivate people" career.

Rector Tran Huu Nghi’s simple working place

The talented, whole-hearted Rector!

Vietnamese nation’s traditional studious is the flow through the history. The teacher’s role in every society is greatly respected The teachers have not only knowledge but also deep knowledge and enthusiasm in hearts. There, students receive knowledge and understand the ethics, life style. Prof Tran Huu Nghi, the teacher who has achieved both talent and virtue, leaves a deep impression on the generations of Hai Phong Private University students. "I still remember the image of the Rector standing for three hours to hand over the student ID card to each student."; "I still remember the Rector struggling in the floodlit courtyard after the rain to check if the classroom had water, the lectureboard was wet?" These are the grateful lines of Rector Tran Huu Nghi that generations of students left in the University's scrapbook.

Under his leadership, who founded the school, he was the chairman of the Founding Council, the secretary of the Party Committee and now the president and the member of the Board of Directors, Hai Phong Private University has become one of the famous universities in the "village" of the private University in our country today.

Be born in a poor family in a poor countryside in Quang Ngai, studying is always his top priority. Having got over experiences through years of hardship, he is understandable and very sympathetic to poor students. Therefore, the University that he built is not for profit but for education, for people, for serving the people so the poor students is always welcomed with good support in order they can pursue their education, have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Hai Phong is not his place of birth but it is the second homeland where he has devoted his life to education. Serious, decisive in the management and implementation of the regulations, but he is always close, friendly and shared with the students’ difficult circumstances. For every student, he is not only a respectable teacher, but also as close as his father, grandfather.

Nearly 45-year experienced in various positions: Head of Department, Dean, then Vice Rector at Maritime University continuously for 20 years and then over 15 years as Rector of HaiPhong Private University. All outstanding tasks are accomplished by Prof Tran Huu Nghi. Total number of research projects at the Universitial, Ministerial and national levels, which have been held and involved up to 60 scientific works and 42 articles were published in local and foreign magazines by Prof Nghi. He translated, edited and edited textbooks for teaching and learning. Number of printed and published books are 17 titles in which 4 books are written with Professor Phmin - Soviet Union.

Each knowledge boat across the river successfully carries Prof Nghi’s hardships. With the ages, the classes of students on these knowledge boats continues to arrive. Many have grown up, many have become key officers in factories, enterprises, shipping companies…. Even more, some have been provincial officials, provincial presidents, rectors, associate professors, professors... some have not been successful yet but all of them still think of him, repeating the memories of him with all the respect and love. And his greatest happiness is to see the students’ successes, their joining hands with the society and the community to build the country more and more powerful.

People who make the difference

The doubts, even the "complexity" about a non-state educational environment completely erased when the students come to HPU. They have pride of an equipped university with modern facilities, with spacious lecture halls with projectors, hand-held microphones, cameras, air conditioning and advanced teaching facilities. They are exposed to new technology, with the fifth largest library nationwide, with thousands of titles library management software LIBOL. Students come here can be proud of their school is one of the first university in the country apply office information technology standards ICDL, English TOEIC International communication and soft skills on the curriculum. The universiry is always operated under the slogan "Quality training is the survival of HPU" and educate students to be honest when studying at school and in future's career with the slogan "Learn the real thing and make a real life".


Hai Phong Private University - a corner of the campus

Looking at the spacious and modern property of Haiphong Private University today, those who know Mr. Nghi are impressed. Classes of students, teachers who have studied and worked at the university before, are proud and amazed by the rapid change of HPU. The leader’s  role is extremely important. The old houses of a textile company that went bankrupt 15 years ago now become the "five-star hotel for students. With a 75 billion VND total investment  at the time of 1997-2000, Hai Phong Private University ensures the best facilities for teaching and learning; The campus with more than 140 classrooms is mostly equipped with cameras, projector; dozens of laboratories and workshops; more than 695 computers are connected to the Internet, wifi free; the student hotel area consists of 5 construction items: student housing area with 1,500 beds for students; multipurpose practice house for 2,500 people; Stadium; Smart pool; Modern 500-seat student cafeteria...

The problem is that, with only small initial capital (less than 1 billion VND), Professor Tran Huu Nghi, with the belief of branding private university on the national level, a modern university has made dreams come true by many different solutions,  by creativity “dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility”. Hai Phong Private University truly has modern facilities. 

Along with the upgrading facilities investment, Mr. Nghi is always anxious to find training methods to bring the best learning outcomes for students. After many sleepless nights, he gave his ideas, solutions and successful application to the University. Such as: anti-negatives in the examination; democratization, students’ feedback on teachers; equal equity in the university for lecturers and students; To attract good students to the the university with attractive scholarship programs, to put the quality management in accordance with international standards ISO 9001: 2008... He brought positive impact to the rise of the university. He always wants to build modern facilities with the best possible conditions, cheap tuition fees to poor students, high quality training.

In recent years, the quality of the university's training has been constantly raised, bringing it into the prestigious universities of the country. According to a survey of the Ministry of Education and Training, Hai Phong Private University is one of the 25 leading universities in the country with a high employment graduates rate of 93.46%. In 2006-2007, Hai Phong Private University was one of 12 universities selected to evaluate and accredit quality and in 2009, it was recognized as one of the top 20 universities getting University of Education standards by the Ministry of Education and Training. It was selected by the Vietnamese Brands Network as one of the top 10 universities to receive the "quality of university training" and the "100 Vietnamese brands for sustainable development in 2012" award; In February 2013, website has surpassed many websites of prestigious universities in Vietnam to rank 8th in the Webometric Ranking (Spain)…..

Lighting a belief

For 15 years as the leader of Hai Phong Private University with ups and downs and sadness, Mr. Nghi said that life is like a stream of water flowing forever without having a rest.

 Prof. Tran Huu Nghi, in the ceremony honoring the elite & merciful businessmen 2012

In order to educate the humanities and social responsibility of students, and also the school's responsibility to society, many social humanitarian activities have been actively implemented by Mr. Nghi over the past years. There are programs such as "Tet gifts for the poor", "love spring", "love bracelet", "poor supporters" ...., the program donated dozens of gratitude houses to the  family has contributed to the country, donated dozens of computers to some schools in Hai Phong, donated hundreds of social policy beneficiaries, etc.

Every year, the school also awards scholarships to excellent students, with a total value of 500 million VND / year, tuition fee exemptions for poor students, who are disadvantaged every year under 300 million VND.

Honored to present in 1000 typical Entrepreneurs nationwide, Prof. Tran Huu Nghi is one of the few successful entrepreneurs in the "cultivate people". Domination and talent are the first feel of each person when thinking about him. Investing in educational business is a very respectable choice at all times because it requires a moderate entrepreneur with knowledge of the profession, as well as knowledge of management, economy, business administration ...

For a whole-hearted teacher, the awards or titles do not have as much sense of accomplishment as the people of the student-student generations that he has taught. However, the recognition is also a mental pill for the contribution of enthusiasm as cheering. For nearly 45 years, dedicated to the education of the country, Prof. Tran Huu Nghi’s efforts and enthusiasm has been recognized and praised by many noble rewards. Prof. Tran Huu Nghi has received many certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, ministries, central and local departments, associations and social organizations. These worthy rewards are envidences for the talent captain’s dedication who has spent his life realizing his dreams. The generation students of Hai Phong Private University have been famous, putting his name in the country’s construction and development today and in future.

                                       The entry of the writing contest and the ceremony to honor "New element of the Ho Chi Minh era"

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