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Faculty of Information Technology(17/03/2017)

Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) was established on June 20th 2011 on the basis of upgrading from the Department of Information Technology from the very first days. FIT features young and active people and currently offers graduate, undergraduate and diploma programs. FIT consists of 2 majors: Software Technology and Networks & Information Systems.

After 15 years of establishment and development, FIT has been considerably expanding and proving itself as one of the key faculties among others in HPU. Academic staff working in the faculty are mostly masters’ and doctors’ holders. Up to present, FIT has provided more than 1.500 undergraduate and master students contributing significantly on the deployment of the computerized tasks of the city particularly as well as the country on the whole.


FIT received the Decision of Establishment in 2011

In recent years, under the direction of university and faculty leaders, FIT has applied international standards to test its students ability. Accordingly, the international certificates like ICDL (International Computer Driving License) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) are becoming popular and they are very welcomed by domestic and international employers and companies. Especially in 2012, FIT successfully hosted the competition “the Microsoft Office World Champion 2012” and many students won the high scores, one outstanding student got absolute score 1000/1000 and 2 among winners were granted Specialist Certificate from Microsoft. As the result of the right direction, enthusiasm of the lecturers and learning passion of the students, a great number of students got employed right after their graduation. Many of them have been shortly promoted to the high position in their fields such as mr Hoang Nhon to be the Technical Vice-Director of Viettel Corporation, mr Pham Ba Tuyen to be the Branch Director of Cable Television Company of Son La Province, ms Huong Thom to be the doctor holder - lecturer in a prestigious university in Haiphong…. and to name just a few.

Students in a computer classroom

Besides teaching courses, scientific research activities have been paid much attention as well. Academic members are very active in doing research projects, writing scientific papers in popular national and international journals. Moreover, in order to update their knowledge and promote the research activities among lectures and students, FIT members are eager to give their reports at annual international conferences in HPU and in other universities.

FIT members took part in IT National Conference in DaNang city in 2004


In conclusion, with the determination and devotion of all academic and non-academic staff, FIT has been proudly nominated as the Excellent Faculty in the university. The faculty has also won many Certificates of Merit and Awards from the MOET and the city in many years. The Faculty of Information Technology will absolutely strive its best to fulfill its missions and get better achievements in the future.

Translated by Thanh Giang

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