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Environment Department supported the Global Environment Day June 05, 2016.(18/08/2016)

On June 14, 2016, Environment Science Department and the Youth Union of Haiphong Private University supported the Global Environment Day at Do Son beach.

In the event, there were the attendance of PhD. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung - Dean of Environment Department, Nguyen Tien Do MA. - Secretary of Youth Union, Mr. Luong Manh Ha from Office of Student  Affairs anf lecturers and students from Environment Department.

Annually, on June 05, United Nation choose a city to organize the celebration event in order to gain the attention from all over the world about the importance of environment, encourage the political care and the action to protect the environment. Theme, slogan and logo will be chosen to be the main points for the public documents about the Global Environment Day, as well as the supporting activities around the world.

Supporting the United Nation Environment Program, Minister of Natural Resource and Environment – Mr. Tran Hong Ha pronounced the Vietnam theme of promoting the Global Environment Day June 05, 2016 to be “The speech of nature and our action”

The Global Environment Day attracted the attendance of almost the universities and environment organization and Haiphong Private University is honor to take part in this event.

At 14:30 on Saturday, June 04, 2016, our team presented at Student Hotel. All the motorbikes, flags and banners were ready and we started with the enormous team.

Our action program consisted of: Marching to propagate about the Global Environment Day in Area 1, 2 and 3 at Doson Beach, then collected the garbage on the beach of Area 2 Doson.

In Haiphong, Doson is the most attractive area for the tourists thanks to the beauty spots and friendly citizens. Thus, the natural environment protection is very meaningful to each of Haiphong people.

After some hot days, in that afternoon it is very cool and pleasant in Haiphong. All the garbage in Area 2 Doson beach was collected only after one hour.

All the student of Environment Department of Haiphong Private Department are very proud of this small but meaningful action.

The program completed when it was sun set, all the members of the team returned home.

The program responding the Global Environment Day of Haiphong Private University has sent the speech “Protect the environment, protect the nature, and protect our life”.

Some images of the program:

  Our team ready to start

Collecting garbage at Area 2, Doson Beach


Lecturers and student collecting the garbage

Environment Department



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