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VU Fellowship Programme - VUFP(02/12/2013)

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) offers talented prospective students the unique opportunity to pursue a degree in a selection of Master’s programmes at VU University. VU University has committed to providing approximately 1 million euro towards attracting highly motivated, excellent students.

All applications received  by  1 March will be reviewed by the faculty at which the applicant will be participating in a Master’s programme. Faculties then nominate applicants to the central VUFP scholarship committee, which then awards scholarships to the most talented students. The award is based on the motivation letter, the quality of previous education and the student's academic performance therein. A scholarship offer will then be made to successful candidates.

Eligible candidates

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) is a scholarship for strongly motivated students with excellent study results. 

Eligible candidates must be able to prove their academic excellence, must be admitted to apreselected Master’s degree at VU University, do not have the Dutch nationality and have not graduated from a Dutch higher education programme.

Students following a one-year Master’s programme may not apply for the VUFP scholarship for a second year.  Students already enrolled in a two-year Master’s programme who have not been awarded  a VUFP scholarship in 2013/2014 are not eligible to apply for the VUFP scholarship 2014/2015.

Scholarships amounts

The VUFP scholarship covers your tuition fee, and provides for an allowance towards study and living costs (paid out in 3 installments over the year).  Please note that the scholarship does not cover all your living expenses.

 There are two variations of the VUFP scholarship:

·         €5.000 to students  paying the tuition fee for EEA students

·         €15.000 to students paying the tuition fee for non-EEA students

The grant is awarded to students in their first year  of a Master’s degree programme. Only students following a 2-year Master’s programme may apply for a second year and the prerequisite for a second application is the achievement of  at least 80% of the 60 possible credits. The Faculty VUFP committee will be asked to demonstrate to the Central VUFP committee that these credits have indeed been achieved.

Application procedure



First, students register for a Master's programme in Studielink and the VUnet portal. More information on how to apply for a Master's programme can be found

1 March 2014

After the application for a Master's programme students apply for a VUFP scholarship by sending an e-mail to See How to apply for details

1 March 2014

The Central VUFP Committee decides which students will be offered a VUFP scholarship

1 May 2014

All students will receive an e-mail informing them of the Central VUPF committee's decision concerning their application. VUFP candidates will receive an e-mail  containing a nomination letter, the conditions of the VUFP scholarship and a statement of agreement.

6 May 2014

Procedure after nomination

Candidates return the signed statement of agreement to .

 1 June 2014


How to apply

Fill out the VUFP application form. The form must contain the following items: 
1. Proof of excellence
2. Motivation Letter
3. Financial Plan

Save the completed application form as a PDF-file and name it ‘Studentnumber – programme that applies to you’. For example ‘S2500000 – Computer Science’. Attach the application form in an email.

Send your completed application to Be sure to mention in the subject line ‘VUFP application (programme that applies to you)’. For example ‘VUFP application (Computer Science)’.

Please keep in mind that only completed application forms will be taken into consideration. If the form does not contain all three required documents your application will not be taken into consideration. Deadline for completing your VUFP application is 1 March 2014.

·         Conditions VUFP scholarship

Current VUFP scholars

VUFP scholars following a two year Master’s programme do not need to re-apply for the VUFP scholarship for the second year. The VUFP scholar will be nominated for a second year provided that he or she has obtained at least 80% of all ECTS. Faculties will inform the VUFP committee in June if sufficient results have been achieved.

VUFP candidates will receive an e-mail from the Central VUFP committee before 1 July 2014 containing a nomination letter, the conditions of the VUFP scholarship and a statement of agreement. Candidates return the signed statement of agreement to

Students who have not achieved sufficient study results will be informed that they will not be offered the VUFP scholarship for the next academic year.

Complaint procedure

An interested party which does not agree with the decision of the VUFP scholarship committee, may file a written complaint. This complaint should be addressed to the student ombudsman by e-mail and must include:

·         Your name and full address.

·         Details of the decision that you do not agree with. In the case of a written decision, a copy should be enclosed. In the case of refusal or failure to make a decision, give a full account of the situation and the nature of the required decision.

·         The grounds for complaint: why are you unable to accept the original decision?

·         Date and signature.

Your e-mail should be send within six weeks from the day after the date of the decision against which you are objecting. An objection may be considered beyond this period only if there are compelling reasons for its late submission.

You can send your e-mail to:

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