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Our dear teachers, we come back(22/11/2012)

And just a few minutes of revisiting the old school, teachers and reviewing memories are enough for people to forget their current positions in order to be undergraduates again…

   4 years is much shorter than a person’s lifetime, but it’s long enough to create memories, nostalgias which are unforgettable. And just a few minutes of revisiting the old school, teachers and reviewing memories are enough for people to forget their current positions in order to be undergraduates again…

   Auditorium was brightly colored by flags and flowers during the end of September. Our mind was bustling and different from any other moments, because it was fulfilled by the pride of students who have studied and worked in an approximate 15-year-old-school. That happiness was multiplied due to the attendance of 15 typical graduated students who represented for more than 15 thousand graduates to confirm the training quality of Haiphong Private University again with the guideline “no cheating today for better work ethics tomorrow”.


Delighted moments of teachers and students in gathering day

   Perhaps, the emotional and meaningful gathering day among University’s administration and 15 typical graduated students is unforgettable with both teachers and students. Those students with variety of naughty games in the past have become successful people who have been accepted and honored with their contributions in various fields such as science, education, economy, society, culture and community activities. In spite of working throughout the country, they are willing to put aside their tasks to revisit school and their lecturers.

No matter where they are and what circumstances, they have also proved themselves as students of Haiphong Private University, who are always active, flexible and responsible….. We are very proud of you.

   During this gathering day, the old stories were told with the pride of witnessing the university’s changes in both appearance and training quality. It was an impression of a graduated student from the first session when he talked about studying in the one-floor houses. In the rainy seasons, lecturers and students had to set aside lectures to “roll up for fishing”. Students of Information and Technology faculty had to “study in imagination” because of lacking university’s facilities. It’s likely that they were sometimes unable to keep going on; but teachers and students encouraged each other to stably keep their efforts and beliefs “practice makes perfect”. 15 graduated students with 15 stories are about the process of overcoming their family and themselves difficulties; moreover, there are stories about how they had to attempt to confirm their capabilities of facing with society’s prejudice on the label “Students of Private University”. They were successful in demonstrating their abilities, their knowledge. Their skills are as well as any students who graduated from other public universities. Some of them have become Director, PhD, Master, Co-operation owner, etc. Despite of their positions, they are always proud of being graduated from HPU.

Teachers and students 'reminisce' memories altogether

   Miss Truong Thi Le Trang, the graduated student at the 7th session of Culture and Tourism faculty would never forget the question “How can a Private University’s student become a journalist?” from her colleagues at the first time she applied for a job. This easily made any of us disheartened and gave up, but the characteristic of HPU’s students helped her to show her abilities confidently. Her article named “The Red Flamboyant Festival for Haiphong city - Why not?” is printed in a book of “The press works with high quality in 2011” published by the Haiphong Publisher. In addition, the idea from her article came true when Haiphong city organized successfully the first Red Flamboyant Festival, which is predicted to be a premise for the success of the organization of National Tourism Year 2013.

   At present, Mr. Nguyen The Hung, the graduated student at the 6th session of the Construction Faculty, is a general director of Vietnamese open-sources developmental joint stock company. He worked as an engineer and achieved many successes in designing and monitoring some big construction works before jumped into open source area in Information Technology. He took part in maintaining and developing an open source which called NukeViet in the period of 2007 to 2011 which is being used by over 25.000 members and about 4.000 websites. His effort contributes to make the open source NukeViet become the only open source administrative system in Vietnam. It is encouraged to use by The Ministry of Education and Training. Besides, he and his colleagues were awarded the 3rd prize of the Vietnamese Talent Award 2011.

 And talking about the lives at present…

   Although each of them has different viewpoints and experiences, they are all proud of being learned in a humanitarian, responsible, active and creative environment. This environment had a strong effect on the success of these students at present and equipped them the outstanding stuff and energy, especially the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in many working fields.

“I couldn’t have such a success without our teachers’ help. I want to say” thank you very much, my dear teacher”

   It seems that all of them wanted to express their thankfulness to their teachers; but, all of them were speechless with their emotions. I can feel that they all wanted to say “Our dear teacher! We come back”.

   I also feel proud of being studied and working at HPU. Although I want to write more about this emotional and meaningful meeting, there is a complicated emotion arising in my heart. Therefore, these photographs will continue expressing my words and feelings.

Translators: Tran Thi Thanh Mai, Cao Thi Thu Hong (NA1301)

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