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Board of Inspection(30/10/2012)

Office of Inspection was established in the early days of HPU’s establishment

         Since its establishment in September 1997, the university always keen on having a mechanism to reassure the quality of its educational delivery. As a result, Office of Inspection was established in the early days of HPU’s establishment and it was later renamed as the Board of Inspection in 2007 with 8 staff members.

         As a quality assurance unit, it is the responsibility of the Board to ensure continuous compliance with the set standards by the Minister of Education and Training (MOET) and assure the quality input, process and graduate output with the view to the delivery of educational quality.

         Under the direct management of the President, the Board of Inspection conducts the following tasks:

    1.  Inspecting the operation of all faculties and departments in conformity with the educational regulations and laws;

    2.  Inspecting the goals, programs, curricula, teaching methods, training regulations, exam regulations, certificate/degree                        granting, regulations of course-books, lectures; financial management, facilities, technology, human resource management                    and other essential conditions to ensure education quality;

    3.  Taking responsibility for answering questions from citizens and dealing with complaints about the university education                        according to the laws;

    4.  Taking responsibility for preventing and fighting against corruption according to the laws;

    5.  Reporting the tasks and accomplishments of the Board of Inspection; and proposing resolutions to assure the adherence of              the laws;

    6.  Accomplishing other tasks assigned by the President on the basis of the regulations of functions and responsibilities.

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