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The commencement of the first talented class for Business Administration undergraduate program(10/08/2012)

On February 20th 2012, the first talented class for Business Administration undergraduate program was commenced at HaiPhong Private University (HPU). The commencement ceremony was honored to welcome Mr. Bui Ta Ky - the Temporary Chairman of Management Boa
The idea of organizing this talented class nurtured by the President since the establishment of the university met students’ desire. The opening of talented class was immediately attracted a lot of freshmen studying in Business Administration Faculty. Results from the entrance test of English and IQ have shown students’ prominent competence, particularly one student got 9 score in the IQ test.  
Throughout 15 years of establishment and development, HPU has been tirelessly striving to ensure its training quality. The quality of graduates has been highly valued by the national and local companies and organizations. The opening of the talented class indicated a step forward for HPU, given its state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped facilities and high quality of academic staff, master and PhD holders.
The goal of this talented class is to train qualified graduates with the capabilities to work independently in the high-competitive national and international companies. Students will be able to utilize their knowledge and competently communicate in English for their future career. Fifty percent of the courses will be taught in English. Lecturers will be selected for this class.
The class-size of 25-30 will be appropriate for discussion and teamwork activities. These students will be provided with opportunities to get professional experience through extra-curriculum activities, such as meeting with entrepreneurs, seminars with leading professors or directly working in the companies’ environment. In addition to building up students’ knowledge of the discipline, the program is purposefully designed to develop students’ soft skills such as presentation and negotiation skills and work ethics, so that graduates of this program will be all-around people.

Followings are some photo shots of commencement ceremony:


Top three students with the highest scores were granted scholarship: Tran Thi May, Nguyen Thi Thuy Nhung, Hoang Thi Oanh


 “My hope is given to you, my dear students” said the President


 “We will strive together” said the Dean of Business Administration Faculty

“With determination, belief and youth, you will be successful” said Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Thanh, Deputy Director of Office of Quality Assurance & ISO

Photo of the students of talented class with leaders and lecturers of HPU 

“Wishing you to be talented bachelors” said Nguyen Thi Phi Nga. MA, Deputy Director of Training Department


Source: International Relations Office

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