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Haiphong Private University volunteer student team completed the task of 2017 green summer campaign(11/08/2017)

Implementing the university year plan, the 2017 volunteer program, the 2017 Summer Student Volunteer Campaign officially closed. On 02/2/2017 HPU volunteers has cleaned up the baggage and returned to university to prepare for study work in the new school year.

For many of them this is the first summer, but also with many others, this is the last summer of the student life. More than 10 – day - volunteer work at Minh Tan Commune, Kien Thuy District has left every HPU volunteer’s heart with deep affection for friends, for where they lived, for the love the children and the team leaders in the commune have brought them.

 HPU volunteer student team in Minh Tan Commune, Kien Thuy District

On 20/7/2017 the delegation handed over a 14 – member – volunteer - team  to Minh Tan Commune to operate from 20/7 - 01/8/2017. The task for HPU team is to participate in children's activities, to participate in cleaning the martyrs cemetery; to organize the candle lighting ceremony, the 70th anniversary of martyrs day (27/7/1947 - 27/7/2017); to visit and give gifts to some sick families and so on.

With the characteristic of pure agriculture, the majority of local youth work in the economy, the rest of the children are mostly secondary school students, therefore the activities have been warmly welcomed by the commune leaders, the delegates of the commune, supported the accommodation, the conditions for them to complete the task when coming.



Supporting the candle lighting ceremony in Kien Thuy District



  Cleaning  Minh Tan martial cemetery 

 Participating in supporting the candle lighting ceremony of Minh Tan Commune


 Mr Pham Van Hung - Secretary of the Youth Union on gift giving to families of wounded soldiers and relatives of martyrs on the occasion of martyrs day


                   Participating in raising, opening up the local flow                  

Friendship will always remain, friendship will always be forever

For I will forever engrave a childhood sign of love,

A wish is small, we will wish for a lifetime

Friendship forever will not fade, will not fade...

These lyrics were sung many times with a feeling of attachment during the day of separation. 12 days together is not a long time but enough for them to experience many different levels of emotions. An unforgettable experience for each student's brief life. Each has a personality, but when the integration I was a team. Sometimes friction, sometimes angry, but sometimes very mature, self-conscious. Then the last day when they sat down to review, suddenly realized that these memories can not be sold, unforgotten. Those memories will be in the heart of each member. That is the greatest value that volunteerism has given to the HPU student volunteers.

Thank you for joining the Youth Union during your volunteer work. See you in other volunteer programs throughout the school year!


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