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Hai Phong Private Universit Students at the 2014 Global Youth Camp in Incheon - Korea(04/08/2017)

Having excellently passed the selection round with many competition among the students of Hai Phong, 4 Hai Phong Private University students: To Huy Hoang (QTC702), Luu Thi Hue (MT1501), Nguyen Viet Hung (CT1401) and Nguyen Vinh Cuong (QT1601K) were honored to represent city students participating in Incheon Global Youth Camp 2014.

 Incheon Global Youth Camp 2014 was an initiative of Incheon International Cooperation Agency (IIRF), which promoted the international cooperation of Incheon City, representing the city government. The camp took place July 1 - July 6, 2014, attracting nearly 50 students from 13 countries around the world. The theme of the camp "The Future Global Leadership" was also impressive, with global citizenship and cultural exchanges, provided young people with the opportunity to exchange culture, increased awareness, respect for diversity and different cultures. The organizing committee divided the group and arranged students to work together so that each individual represented his or her country. They were responsible for the best chance to illustrate the ability and culture.

Vietnamese delegation consisted of 6 students, 4 of Haiphong and 2 of Quangnam. These are two provinces of  Vietnam twinned with the city of Incheon - Korea.

HPU students and two friends of Quang Nam at the camp.

At the camp, they participated in many activities with a rather busy schedule. In the mornings they listened to lecturers on "Global Leadership", "Global Citizenship", "Cultural exchange", or joined the Next Generation Conference in Incheon City Hall. In the afternoon, they worked in groups, discussed things together, prepared slideshows and gave presentations. The rest time, they participated in volunteer activities at the camp site, exchanged cultural activities "Cultural Night", "Incheon Friendship Gala" or enjoyed Korean culture, ...

2014 Global Youth Camp in Incheon was a meaningful playground for international students and made unforgettable impression. These are memories when they were having fun, learning, playing ... with international friends, even in relatively short time, a week. It was a cultural experience when visiting the Korean Cultural Preserve, Gangwa Island, doing traditional Korean cake, decorating traditional Korean fan. Members of  Vietnam delegation chose lotus to decorate the fan, because this was also a chance to introduce the country to international friends. The image of the Vietnamese delegation in traditional dresses and turbans, all the content of the "Cultural Night" had left a good impression, a very emotional evening.

Through the lectures and cultural exchanges, they gained a deeper insight into the Korean and other countries cultures, the concept of "Global Leadership", or "Global Citizens" - A concept that fundamentally changes all the concepts and values of border, territory, culture, political institutions, skin color, religion, etc. They had the opportunity to open up the vision, especially - international friendships.

Vivian - Singapore friend after the camp came to Vietnam to visit HPU students (at Hon Dat - Do Son)

After the 2014 Global Youth Camp in Incheon HPU students will promote their abilities and experience to develop themselves, help the society, so that HPU is always proud of the elite students of HaiPhong Private University!

Some pictures of HPU students at the 2014 Global Youth Camp in Incheon

International students meet and ...

... listening to the lectures of the professors on the contents, topics of the camp

Hoang and his teammates

... and their presentation to international friends


Vietnamese delegation and international students at the Next Generation Conference in Incheon City Hall

... meeting and taking photo with Incheon City President

President of Incheon International Cooperation Fund (IIRF) awarded certificates to student

Making traditional cake of Kim Chi together

Impressive "Cultural Night"


The Korean cultural experience on Gangwa Island

Borderless friendship



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