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The Center of Information and Library(06/07/2017)

The Center of Information and Library was officially established on January 30th 2007, upgraded from the Library Section.

Since the establishment, Haiphong Private University has paid much attention to the library investment. From only 02 staff members and just a few thousands of books at the beginnings, the centre presently has a good physical infrastructure and a wealthy knowledge base with total collection of more than a million up-to-date titles to meet the specific and special needs of all faculties, lecturers and students.

The staff members of the Center of Information and Library

With the function to provide information resources to serve the objective of training and research, the Center of Information and Library has always focused on diversifying its information products and services, proactively offering diverse type of services to meet the different demands of staff and students.

Besides a rich information sources, the professional librarians always deliver high-quality service to the users such as: learning by experiencing in other libraries, applying advanced standards in document processing … Especially, on April 28th 2009, electronic library offered access to a wide range of electronic resources to users. This event marked a milestone in the library development to a higher level among Vietnam’s libraries.

Staff of the Center in an international conference

The center not only fulfills the role of a university library, it also ensures the effective administration, operation and exploration of the information system so that the university’s operation can be timely served and updated. The network administration section in the center has remarkably contributed to upgrade HPU’s ranking among the universities nationwide.

The room of Technical Support

HPU’s Center of Information and Library has gained many achievements in the past 15 years. The library has honorly received a lot of certificates of merit from the city and the university. In addition to its specification activities, the Center’s members have been actively participating in other extra-activities. With enthusiasm, youth, solidarity, determination and the passion of work, the Center will be further developed to become the connection bridge between readers with knowledge.

Translated by Thanh Giang

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