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Board of Inspection(06/07/2017)

Since the early days of establishment, HPU obviously recognized the important role of inspection task. Therefore, although there were just a few staff at that time, one assistant was appointed to be in charge of consulting and assisting the President in the management of inspection, legal affairs and quality assurance.

Along with the development of the university and in conformity with the real demand, the Section of Inspection was established and then renamed Board of Educational Inspection on 30 January, 2007 with 3 full-time and 5 part-time inspectors.

Members of Board of Inspection

The Board of Inspection has always been implementing its tasks and functions of according to the Decision No 14/2006/QD-BGDDT dated 25/4/2006 of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). Annually, based on the academic working plan of the university as well as yearly inspection guidance from the MOET, the Board of Inspection has coordinated with other related departments/faculties to track, inspect and supervise the implementation of the mission and the annual plan in order to find out and solve the problems in time and as stipulated in regulations and laws.

With the slogan “Quality is of vitality”, members in the Board of Inspection have been working with high responsible and constructive spirit. They have been making valuable contribution to help the university operation run smoothly ensuring the educational quality and prestige as stated in the university mission.

Translated by Thanh Giang

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