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HPU Mark Contest Awards ceremony(09/06/2017)

Excitedly to join ... Devotedly to think of the entries ... Eagerly to submit test ... Tension to racing score ... Hopefully to wait for results ... Cheerfully to enjoy victory…

These are the unforgettable emotions of the contestants for more than two months of the HPU Mark Contest - an event leading to the 20th anniversary of the founding of Haiphong Private University.

The competition has attracted a large number of participants, especially lecturers and alumni who are studying abroad, such as lecture Nguyen Duc Minh, Faculty of Electronics are doing Ph.D in China, or former student Vu Trong Thang is also studying in China.

According to judging panel of the jury, 56 entries in the category of articles, photos and clips are strictly following the topic of the competition, with serious investment in time, effort, showing creativity as well as the true and depth contestants’ feelings with Haiphong Private University. And at every angle, every moment, Hai Phong Private University’s images have gone beyond the scope of the competition, spreading strongly to generations of teachers, students and former students of the Haiphong Private University as well as in public.

31 prizes were selected and awarded for the best contents and best quality contest entries (see winners list here ).

The winners with the Board of Management 

Dr. Tran Thi Mai - Head of the Contest Organizing Committee, thanks to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phong - Head of Management and Exploitation Department of Student Hotel - Representative of the main Sponsor of the Competition

And on May 29th afternoon, at the meeting room E201, Haiphong Private University held the awards ceremony for the contestants. Let's take a look at the pictures at the awards ceremony and share the emotions of contestants through this contest offline.

The HPU Marking Contest has closed but its resonance is forever, and it truly becomes a deep, beautiful and meaningful memory in every one of us, the lecturers, staffs, students and former students of  Haiphong Private University.



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