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Unique eco-car by Students of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering HPU(19/05/2017)

"Special character" whose first appearance impressesed teachers and students throughout the University by its shape, color and function. That's the DDT-HPU super fuel economy sedan designed and built by DC1701 students.

The "super fuel economy" DDT-HPU eco-car launched by teachers and students

This special car was built to participate in the contest " Eco-fuel economy driving Honda EMC 2016" by Honda Vietnam. Originated from the Honda of Japan in 1981, the "Honda Eco-Savvy Driving" contest aims to enhance creative joy in teamwork as well as environmental awareness for young people. . After receiving the topic, the support and facilitation of the teachers in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics and the University, the DDT - HPU car manufacturer team immediately started work. Let's take a look back over a month hard working with the car of the production team offline.

This is the first year DDT-HPU team participated in a contest of technical and technological standards, so it is quite a surprise. This is a strong competition for ideas, manufacturing techniques, and driving skills.

With the help of the Faculty's teachers and the boldness of youth, the team quickly came up with the idea of designing a eco-car for a driver with two front wheels, a back direct rear wheel, lightweight chassis. ensuring durability and solid.

The body of the car is designed aerodynamically, reducing the wind resistance when running. Composite and fiberglass materials have a small, solid density to reduce weight. Honda Wave 110 type provided by the organizers is used for Engine . A gas heat exchanger has been added that heats fuel from the carburetor into the cylinder to optimize the combustion process.

Chassis work 


Run the engine test

The most wonderful feeling is when the car is completed and tested with the results ... on the great: with proper driving tactics, fuel consumption results reach 200km-220km / 1l gasoline, safe and super energy saving!

 Vehicle weighted (only 50kg)

Sucking the chassis to create a smooth ride 

 Engine wrap



On the first appearance of the audience, the DDT-HPU received many compliments from the Board of Directors, teachers and students.

Le Van Quy, DDT-HPU team leader, joyfully shared: "This is the first time that I and my teammates have been directly involved in research, manufacturing and testing a real product. This contest is an opportunity for us to actualize and deepen our knowledge. Taking part in the competition is also a chance for us to learn a lot from friends and trainers. Furthermore, training in teamwork is a very important skill for future work. "

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thang, Vice Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics  can not hide the joy of talking about the passionate creativity students: "They are really talented students and progressive. It is not easy to make a mechanical - electronic products running but safe and fuel-efficient electric car. HPU students have done it. "

DDT-HPU eco - car is one of the proof that HPU students are always dynamic, creative, dare to think. We celebrate the initial success of the DDT Team - HPU

Members of the DDT-HPU team with the Rector and teachers in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics


Members of DDT - HPU: Le Van Quy, Tran Van Manh, Pham Van Cuong, Nguyen Dinh Dat, Do Van Quan, Dinh Trong Vinh, Vu Manh Cuong, Vu Trong Nghia, Doan Van Phong, Hoang Manh Tuan, Le Dinh Quy, Giang Thanh Nam, Nguyen Nam Son – DC1701 Class





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