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Administration Office(13/04/2017)

Administration Office Administration office was founded in June 2010. The duty of the office is recruiting, training and organize the human power, keeping the policy for the lecturers, staffs;

restore the documents; ensuring the facilities for teaching, studying and managing; keeping the environment sanity of the university.

Officers and staff of Administration Office are always cheer and friendly with colleagues and students, adapting the demand of them. We are a happy team and help each others not only in working but also in life.

Administration office is one of best achievement offices. We have been advanced office for 17 years; many officers and staffs are excellent employees. Administration office have been granted by Haiphong Peoples’ Committee for the best working contribution in period 1998-2002 and by Minister of Education and Training with title “ Excellent working unit”


Administration office have been working well to contribute to the development of Haiphong Private University for a brighter future.


Source: HPU Website


Translator: Pham Khanh Linh

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