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Vice dean: Dao Thi Thanh Mai MA. Tourism Culture Faculty of Haiphong Private University is a believable place in training the tourism manpower for Haiphong city and the country in the globalization period.

Tourism Culture Faculty is founded on June 10, 2011. After 16 years, the faculty has been developing both in quality and quantity. Now, there are 8 main lectures and many professors, vice-professors, Doctors, Masters from other universities and institutions.

In many years, the lectures in Tourism Culture Faculty have taken part in the science researches, founding and editing the education programs which adapt the society demand, writing articles in tourism magazines and the activities of the university. The science researches of lecturers and students have been highly valued.

Science research forum

Not only qualifying in specialization activities, the labor union of Tourism Culture Faculty has been excellent labor union for many years. The Faculty organizes many competitions for the students in order to improve their knowledge and skills such as competition “ Presentation Stars”, “ Talent Tour Guide”

Talent Tour Guide” competition

Now, Tourism Culture Faculty has trained over 2000 Tourism Culture bachelors. After graduation, the student have been employed by many prestigious companies all over the country. They work as lecturers, tourism managers, hospitalization managers, researchers, reporters, tour guide…Many of them are now the directors and managers of companies and unions.

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Annually, there are many foreign students studying in Tourism Culture Faculty in student exchange programs and student of the faculty go abroad for studying and practicing.


Chinese students studying in Tourism Culture Faculty

Students of Tourism Culture Faculty in practice trip in China

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Translator: Pham Khanh Linh

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