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Five excellent early graduated students of Hai Phong Private University this year(20/03/2017)

Six-month earlier graduation with high achievers score and protection points, they are the proud achievement of five early graduated students of Hai Phong Private University this year: Dang Thu Ha - QT1701K, Bui Thi Thanh Huong - QT1701K, Le Thi Thuy - QT1702K, Do Minh Vuong - QT1701N, Ngo Van Toan - CT1701.
Do Minh Vuong - QT1701N
Do Minh Vuong (left) at Guilin University - China
… and record memories with friends on the HPU Yard
Do Minh Vuong participated in scientific research from the 2nd years and successfully protected the topic with good ranking. After studying in China under the exchange program between Hai Phong Private University and Guilin University - China returned to school, Vuong has effectively used his Chinese language as a staff at business department of Quang Thanh - Taiwan Co., Ltd. based in Vietnam. He is also very motivated to learn and try the phone business to earn additional income, to force the skills of presentation, persuasion, judgment, decision making, ..
Dang Thi Ha  - QT1701K
With scientific and active learning method, Dang Thu Ha has achieved high results with 8.65 grade points in learning on a scale of 10. Like Do Minh Vuong, Dang Thu Ha participated in scientific research since the 2nd year and was praised “Scientific research achievement students ". In addition to English, she  actively learns Japanese to improve her language skills for work after graduation.
Dang Thu Ha was pleased to receive Student card from the Rector
Confident step into life from now
Ngo Van Toan - CT1701
Gentle smile on the lips is the first impression when meeting Ngo Van Toan. Not only a good student, he is also an active face in the activities of volunteerism, as the Executive Committee member of the Student Union. Currently, he has just learned to work for DataTech JSC to improve professional and soft skills in the work. He shared: "In the increasingly integrated environment as today, beyond the technical skills, soft skills and foreign languages play a huge role for the success of each person.” These are the skills that he attached great importance to training himself to be ready for work later.
Pulling electric cable to Cai Chien island - Hai Ha - Quang Ninh,
in the Green Summer Campaign 2016
Bui Thi Thanh Huong - QT1701K
Active in scientific research, hard working, initiative in learning, good academic results, Huong is also good at Chinese. She was an active member to support students from Guilin University - China and left many good feelings in the hearts of the International Exchange students.
Supporting Chinese students to study at HPU
 (Huong - standing in the middle of the above row)
Le Thi Thuy - QT1702K
Le Thi Thuy is a very familiar face in the HPU Youth Association activities with a dense achievement table: 3 years to achieve 5 good university level student; Won the Certificate of Merit of City Student Association; participating in volunteer activities of the Youth Union and the mission of the local. Along with the good knowledge, Thuy was  active in scientific research and has been working since the second year as a HPM Associate and then the coordinator for the Training and Personnel Training Center; a warehouse manager at Hoang Kien Camera Company... She tried her best in each mission, each position.
Her touched emotion sharing on personal page: " I am proud to be a student at Hai Phong Private University! "
The photo of graduation ceremony
On full of memories HPU Yard
Five early graduated students this year have the same viewpoint when determining the learning objectives, proactive and strive hard to reach the end. With the will to study and practice under the warmly Haiphong Private University, surely they will develop themselves and become useful citizens for society in the future.
Wish them success!


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