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The exciting 2013 Gala to welcome new students(31/10/2013)

The Gala held on September 20th evening to welcome the new students

As expected, the Gala held on September 20th evening to welcome the new students, who start studying the 17th school year, was considerable successful with an exciting atmosphere from the beginning to the end.

The Gala started at 2 PM with a line of 20 stores which named “Space Connection” to attract students and guests to visit. At these stores, diversified items were on display to show the talent, creativity and ingenuity of the HPU students. The HPU students’ creativity, enthusiasm and friendliness could be seen in any handmade, food, drink stores or “chi-bi” painting ones. Visiting the stores, you can enjoy the ingenuity of HPU students through their cooking recipes or attractive handmade from simple tools, and especially they always smile

At 8 PM, the Gala began with very attractive and meticulous performances of 3 generations of students at HPU: Alumni - Current Students – Fresh men. To select the repertoire involved in the Gala, the organizers had made a difficult choice from more than 45 registered entries for the program. With the diverse of artistic genres and rich content, the program was considered show many strengths of HPU students with special artistic talent including creating, setting the stage and performing their singing categories, modern dancing, classical dancing, popping and so on.

With attractive and surprising factors, the show attracted nearly 4000 audiences to join in the exciting atmosphere right from the beginning. There weren’t any free seats on the stand and the sports complex playground. All the HPU members, the audiences and the performers devoted themselves to the meaningful night.

Valuable and meaningful presents from the sponsors such as Viettel, VNPT, CPN and Coca Cola were awarded to 5 students of the fresh men who got the highest score in the entrance examination this year and the 5 most excellent members of Youth Union.

This imposing and meaningful program is expected to be a big spiritual gift to encourage the new students of K17 to gain several high achievements in the coming process of studying.

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