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Haiphong Private University - where belief shine(31/10/2013)

The purpose of this conference is arousing the spirit of overcoming difficulties, helping students have motivation, confidence in education and training and actively participating in research.

In order to keep the traditional studiousness of students at Haiphong Private University, simultaneously, to acknowledge and praise the out-standing students; on September 12th 2013, HPU holds the conference commending excellent students of the 2012-2013 school year. The purpose of this conference is arousing the spirit of overcoming difficulties, helping students have motivation, confidence in education and training and actively participating in research.

[The Panorama of conference]

Attending the conference are Prof. Tran Huu Nghi – The Secretary of Party Committee and headmaster of HPU, Mr. Bui Ta Ky – The Board Chairman, Dr. Tran Thi Mai – Head of Educational Affair, Mr. Nguyen Huy Nghiep – Officer of The Union, MA. Duong Thi Phuong Anh – The Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Mr. Tran Trong Binh – The Chairman of Union, MA. Nguyen Tien Do – The Secretary of Union and teachers representing all departments, especially the presence of more than 660 students who achieved the title of pretty, good, excellent students, class officers and freshmen at HPU.

[Delegates attend the conference]

[Mr. Pham Manh Hung – The Deputy Chief of Students’ Affairs announces the decision of rewarding in the 2012-2013 school year]

At the begining of the conference, Mr. Pham Manh Hung makes a report on conducting task in the 2012-2013 school year. He affirms that studying and creative movements about morality and lifestyle of students have actually become an emulated and ebullient movement of students’ community in HPU in the recent school year. This improvement has been developing and going in-depth, improving the quality of education and training of Faculties at HPU in particular and HPU in general.

The result of the movement “Good attitude in studying and examination” is extremely proud of one excellent student with the award of 1.500.000 VND; 158 good students with the award of 1.200.000 VND per student and 511 good students with the award of 300.000 VND per student. Especially, in the recent school year, HPU has been received 9 scholarships with the highest value up to 520.000.000 VND per one scholarship, in which there are 3 governmental scholarships and 6 mayor scholarships of the principals’ famous Chinese Universities such as Que Lam University of Technology, Trung Khanh Univesity of Post and Telecommunication, Que Lam Medical University and so on.
In the conference, the typical students of departments had made speech to share experiences, methods of training and studying according to credit – based curriculum, getting high marks in examinations…

[“I feel so happy and proud of my efforts for the initial success I gained” – Nguyen Thi Thu Hang student at QT1401N class says]

[“Student hotel is the most healthy and convenient accommodation for students to live” – Tran Ba Du student at XD1301C class says]

 [“I set a target on studying and practicing in a high quality training environment as Talented Business Management class” – Dam Duy Nhat student at QTTN102 class says]
[“Students of HPU do not have any shortage in comparison with others who study at other universities. We have ability, youth, enthusiasm and determination to achieve innovative knowledge. New graduated student -  Pham Thi Phuong Thanh says]
Giving a speech at the conference, Prof. Tran Huu Nghi appreciates and praises warmly for studying and training achievements of the excellent groups and individual in the recent school year 2012- 2013. Their attempts and efforts in learning and training are not only the individual pleasure and their family’s pride but also the contribution to the comprehensive development and the brand name of HPU. Besides, he also hopes that on the basis of these achievements, students should have effort, self-awareness, responsibility, and strive for the better achievements in the future.
[Prof.Tran Huu Nghi and Mr. Bui Ta Ky grants certificates and flowers to excellent students]

[The best students of HPU in the 2012-2013 school year]
By doing specific things, HPU has helped many students, who face difficulties in life, to have confidence and courage to overcome their situation. We can confirm that everything Haiphong Private University currently achieved, is an obvious evidence for the sustainable development of training quality and the dedication of HPU’s teaching career over the past 16 years.
[Here are some pictures of the ceremony]
[The best students are very pleased to receive certificates and flowers by Prof. Tran Huu Nghi and The Board Chairman]

[Excellent students from QTTN1 and QTTN2]
[Prof. Tran Huu Nghi grants certificate for Ecopolicy HPU‘s team who achieved high result in the International Contest]
[Mr. Nguyen Tien Do grants the Certificate for the excellent student - Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen]
[Granting Certificate of merit’s delegation for the excellent members of Youth Union]
[Granting Certificate of Youth Union for the students who actively participate in movement activities]

[Excellent member of Youth Union takes a photo with Dr. Tran Thi Mai
… with teachers and friends]

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