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International Leader of Tomorrow Award(20/09/2013)

University of Bristish Columbia (UBC) provides bachelors scholarships for talented secondary and post-secondary international students from around the world.

International Leader of Tomorrow Award-winners receive an award-level commensurate with their financial need as determined by the costs of their tuition, fees and living costs, minus the financial contribution the student and their family can make annually towards these costs. A standard needs-assessment is made, based on financial information provided by students and their families.

The International Leader of Tomorrow Award can be renewed for up to three additional years of undergraduate study, or to degree completion, whichever is less, provided the student achieves satisfactory academic standing in their faculty, continues to demonstrate financial need, and maintains their Canadian study permit (visa).


Award candidates must be nominated by their current school or college/university. To be considered for an International Leader of Tomorrow Award, students must:

o    be admissible to the first choice program they are applying to, including meeting UBC’s English Language Admission Standard

o    have an excellent academic record (at least an “A” average or equivalent standard)

o    be an international student, who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident of Canada, and who will be studying in Canada on a Canadian Study Permit (visa)

o    demonstrate a level of financial need that would otherwise prevent them from pursuing a UBC degree.

o    be entering a UBC undergraduate degree program from a recognized secondary school, college or other university


When students are accepted for nomination, their counsellor must use the International Leader of Tomorrow Award nomination package, which can be downloaded here.

Vancouver Nomination FormDownload the PDF

Okanagan Nomination FormDownload the PDF


Nomination packages must be postmarked by December 10, 2013.

Nominees must also complete the online application for academic admission to UBC, and meet the UBC English Language Admission Requirement byDecember 10, 2013. Although applicants to UBC can specify two program choices in their application for admission, an International Leader of Tomorrow Award nomination will be considered only in relation to the nominee's first choice program.

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