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Books - Preparation for life(03/12/2012)

The book propagation and introduction contest with the theme: "Books – preparation for life" in the F301 Hall, on October 27th 2012...

   In order to response to reading day and aim to make the reading culture closer to staffs, instructors and students at Haiphong Private University, the Information Library Center combined with the Public  - International Relations Office and the Youth Union of School held  the book propagation and introduction contest with the theme: "Books – preparation for life" in the F301 Hall, on October 27th 2012.


 MA. Bui Thi Kim Oanh made the opening remark of the contest.

   This is one of the practical activities to enhance the attention and care of the university’s leaderships to students. It created a safe and sound environment for the students and gave them the opportunities to meet, exchange experiences, access to the good books and widen knowledge, develop their presentation skills. This attracted more and more students to access books , magazines which are available in the Library and Information Center of Haiphong Private University at the reading rooms. It simultaneously honors the reading culture and the importance of reading culture in social life, especially in schools.

   In the preliminary round of this year's contest, there were 21 students divided into 08 teams. At the competition, each team had an individual feature but diverse and various which had students' characteristics. The competition introduced the value and beauty of each book and work to the students in order to make them further aware of the purpose, content and meaning of the reading contributing in order to promote the further development of reading culture as well as preserve and strengthen the elite cultural  knowledge, the spirit of the Vietnamese.


The judges

   After three hours of careful and urgent work of the judges along with the teams’ effort, the competition greatly succeeded. The teams have made the competition becoming so fascinating and exciting. Indeed it was very difficult for the judges to select the teams to enter the next round.  Finally, the judges selected the most worthy faces to enter the final round of the competition held on November 8th, 2012. The list of 04 finalist teams including: the Youth Leaders Team; Hoa Mai team; Radio Team and Unity Team.

Here are some pictures in the preliminary round of the contest:

MC Nguyen Quang Minh of the contest


Lonely Star team with the book: "The Secret of Success" by David Niven

Unity Team with the work: "Mars Men - Venus Women " by John Gray

Scene of the Unity Team


 Hoa Mai team with the work: "The Thorn Birds" by Coleen McCullough


Radio team with the book: "One minute for yourself" by Spencer Johnson


Youth leadership team with the book "Develop Your Leadership Skills" by John C.Maxwell

Ocean Team with the book "Overcoming yourself" by Steve Young

Series team with the book: I know "Recipes to learn well, do well, have a good life" by Truong Liem - Trung Tu.

 The youth’s Desire team with the book "7 habits to help youngsters to be successful" by Sean Covey

The judges congratulated the teams who had completed their competition.
Took photos with the organizers

Translators: Phung Thi Son, Tran Thi Luyen - NA1301

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