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Final round of the contest - Book, preparation for life(03/12/2012)

On November 8th 2012 evening, the final round of the book introduction’s competition with the theme: “Book- preparation for life” was held in the Hall F301 of HPU


   On November 8th 2012 evening, the final round of the book introduction’s competition with the theme: “Book- preparation for life” was held in the Hall F301 of HPU by Library and Information Center of HPU, Public and International Relation Office and the Youth Union.

Four teams in the final round.

   The representative from the Guest, there were MA. Phan Thi Thu Huong- the director of the Hai Phong general science Library, Mr. Pham Van Tuan - the representative of the Hai Phong Fahasa book Joint Stock Company and the library leaders from the universities and colleges in Hai Phong city.

   The representative from Hai Phong Private University, there were professor, doctor Tran Huu Nghi – the secretary of the party, the headmaster and the important officials as well as the teachers and students who are intersted in this competition.

   MA. Bui Thi Kim Oanh – Vice manager of Library and Information Center gave the opening remark in the competition.

   These teams had to go through 3 parts in the final round : 

  • The greeting.
  • The knowledge Question.
  • The presentation - Book introduction.

   Many interesting books really attracted and made the readers feel so moving.

   During the competition, the teams had shown surprises to the judges as well as audiences such as: the voice, performance and dance as well as the good choice of story. In the performance, each team used many props, music to illustrate the content of work, each part made audience experience many different feelings, not only excitement but also meditation and thus enhancing the quality of competition's content.

   At the end of the competition, The Youth leadership club won the first prize, the Apricot blossom won the second prize, the Unity and Radio won the third prize. Besides, the organizers also awarded " the most favorite team " prize to the Radio.

   Professor Tran Huu Nghi – Headmaster gave the first prize to the Youth leadership.

   MA. Phan Thi Thu Huong – Director of Science and General Hai Phong Library gave the second prize to Apricot Blossom.

MA. Tran Thi Mai gave the third prize to the Radio and the Unity.

   With the theme “Book – preparation for life”, the teams helped people understand more about the benefits of reading as well as the meaning and the beauty of each book, each work because an interesting book will help us get more valuable knowledge, discover more new values which are useful to ourselves and make our soul become more peaceful and quiet. Moreover, when we read the book, we have opportunities to brainstorm because books always give us various imaginations, each book will lead to a brighter future which will encourage people to interest in the reading culture with the aim of promoting it to develop increasingly. Hopefully, this will be an interesting playground attracting the attention of a large number of students, creating exchange and solidarity among the students in the whole university as well as attracting students to participate in clubs, sound activities.

Some images of the competition

Charming and funny MC

Taking a photograph as a souvenir

Translators: Bui Nga, Hoang Thao - NA1301

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