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When: 2h15-30/08/2012

Room 306,Hours G in HPU


National transport development strategy丨sustainable development strategy of transportation丨integrated transport development丨intelligent transportation and development of Internet of Things丨fatal traffic accident and disaster relief丨traffic engineering personnel training丨transportation infrastructure丨other major traffic problems (Registration on August 6)

Organized by:

Institute of Traffic Engineering, Transportation Research Forum (Shanghai), Transportation Research Board, The American Society of Civil Engineers

Co-organized by:

Transportation Research Center at SJTU, Shanghai Transport and Port Research Center, Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA), School of Transportation Engineering at Tongji Universitys


Trần Hữu Trung, E-mail: trungtd.hpu.edu.cn
Vũ Trọng Chiến, E-mail: chientd@gmail.com
Đỗ Văn Tuyên, E-mail: dovantuyen@usf.edu